Smith & Rock. Assault or publicity stunt?

UPDATE 4/8/22

The Academy has banned Smith from appearing at a function for the next 10 years. So, looks like this was not in any way planned. 

Follow up questions:

Is this (the punishment) too harsh, not harsh enough, or just right?



Smith and Rock: A love story?

The viewing public was shocked when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, live on worldwide television (2022 Oscars).

Was Smith justified in assaulting Rock?

Should Rock sue Smith?

Can the authorities press charges regardless of whether Rock refuses to press them himself if a genuine attack?

What are the implications on Smith’s and Rock’s careers?

Or, is this just a publicity stunt to set up some future project featuring both Actors?

This event brought up ages-old questions about the proper and reasonable reaction to some action: is violence ever justified?

If violence is not justified, are we to forever depend on the courts for justice, and who will benefit most from this, the victim, the accused, or the Lawyers?