Climate Conundrum.

Call it global warming. Call it climate change. Call it human-induced climate change. Some believe that human activity is the sole cause of climate change. Others believe human activity has made a natural process more serious and others believe that “climate change” is simply a manipulation by governments trying to create new tax revenues.  

Humans seem to have an inability to learn from the past. Geological evidence supports the belief that the planet has gone through many severe climate changes, the like of which make our current climate seem tame in comparison. There is proof of a much wetter climate in the Sahara region, tropical climate in Antarctica, and a more temperate climate in Siberia. The world has been baked and frozen over, although, evidence also supports that our climate has been relatively calm and placid over the last 5000 years or so.

The most recent Ice age is said to have ended 10,000 years ago yet parts of the globe are still covered in perpetual ice. Although much of the ice cap is melting at an accelerating rate, prompting fears of higher sea levels, there is also much archeological evidence that past sea levels were much lower, one may believe, due to the existence of a larger ice cap.

Approximately 12,000- 12,500 years ago, a comet or asteroid impact, or multiple impacts, may have melted much of the ice caps, leading to a massive introduction of fresh water into the oceans. This is thought to have caused a massive, global flood and subsequent cooling period. So, cooling periods and warming periods seem to be part of this planet’s natural cycle.

-Questions: Do you believe we are in a normal warming cycle? If so, is our activity making things worse? By attempting to mitigate the effects of climate change, are we interfering with a normal cycle?

-Should we stop taxing plastic straws and work harder to get ready for a climate that may continue to warm regardless of our actions?

-On a more severe note, are climate-change activists being duped, and if so by whom?