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Job creation or greed?

The taxman (or woman) cometh?

Probably an authentic, short-sited moment. 

Urgent, but how?

Is the system sick?

An uninvited pest of a guest.

Are there any genuine, affordable brands?

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Are motives ever clear or sincere?

Any topic or policy. 

Any topic or policy.

Turn down the brightness on those damn satellites. 

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Well meaning or closet Marxists?

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Recycling. Beneficial programs or tax burdens?

What were and are his motives?

What will Putin do?

Will China help Putin?

Leap ahead or a stranglehold on privacy?

Your opinion on Digital currency.


When your debt exceeds your income (or GDP, in the case of a nation) can you ever be free?

AI. Dangerous or are stupid humans the greater threat?

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The world seems to have many, many options for expression but it seems, as public sentiment supports, that many of those options are controlled and manipulated; If not by direct control of what you may or may not be able to express, then through laws and regulations that actually try to limit your ability to express an honest opinion; some under threat of fines or public castigation. I feel this is wrong, although, I also believe there should be reasonable limitations on what is and is not a reasonable expression. To that end, please feel free to post your opinion on our topics, and please follow the rules of engagement. These rules are there to allow you to express your comments but are not there to enable you to criticize another poster’s opinion or that poster directly. 


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