Housing affordability and increasing homelessness. Could it be this problem is meant to remain unsolved?

Endless meetings, plans, schemes, studies, programs, and “solutions” but no real solution is ever really presented and no concrete steps are put in place to deal with this issue. Yes, governments are working towards a solution, or at least, seems to be working, and no doubt many, many sincere stakeholders are looking for a solution, but, and this is an opinion, could it be that this issue is meant to remain unsolved?

Investment companies own a large number of homes and are converting those homes into rentals. These companies, by their purchasing power,  often push regular purchasers out of the market and into rentals. Corporate interests are creating new “investment” schemes that will allow investors to invest in or own fractional shares of rental properties. These schemes exist now in the form of REITS but an expansion of “investment” vehicles is on the table and those new vehicles will depend on a greater supply of properties that must be owned by the corporations creating the scheme. So, if Klaus Schwab is sincere when he claims “you will own nothing and be happy”, could it be that powerful interests are collectively working to keep this issue from bring solved? If private ownership is crushed due to high levels of debt, if government debt crushes pensions and if property owners are forced to liquidate their property in order to fund retirement, will properties be scooped up and converted into perpetual rentals? 

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