Rules of engagement. (Pedestrian version)

(Comment shall be taken to mean Opinion and vice-versa)

Poster and Commenter are interchangeable terms and will describe any individual that chooses to post an opinion on this site.

You may post your comment on any topic.

You may request a topic be added.

You may NOT post a comment that criticizes any private individual by name. 

The criticism of a public figure or politician’s policy or political party is acceptable.  

Comments that are critical of Government policies are accepted but comments that criticize an individual’s personality, personal choices, or family members will be removed.

The reply option is limited to 3 characters. This is intentional as this site is for you to post your comments, NOT to criticize another comment. You may reply with a “yay”, “nay”, “no”, or similar sentiment.

Profane comments will be removed (no cussing).

Comments that promote violence will be removed. The definition of such will be such that the poster is calling for acts of violence against a person or group of persons. 

Comments that threaten any individual or institution will be removed.

NO LINKS ARE ALLOWED. We are interested in your opinions.

If you choose to quote any individual, please state so and cite where possible.

Plagiarism is not acceptable.

The liability of this site is limited to “gee, sorry”. At no time and in no case or circumstance shall this site be held responsible for any damage, real or perceived, from any circumstance related to posting or reading any comment(s) or posts contained herein, regardless of the intention of the comment or opinion or the intention of the individual who may have posted the comment or opinion. You may use and enjoy at your own risk with this understanding and using this site is an acceptance of the terms noted herein. 

More legal version:

We cannot predict when issues might arise as a result of using this service/platform. Accordingly,  under no circumstance will we be liable to you for any lost profits, revenues, information, or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms of use, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Use and dissemination of information posted on this site.

Any information posted on this site will be deemed to be solely owned by this site. At no time and under no circumstances shall any poster/commentator be eligible to receive compensation, of any form or amount, or any financial or material compensation for any information posted by them on this site.

This site may use and disseminate any information posted herein, as the site may deem fit, necessary, or desirable, without notice to the poster/commenter.

This site may remove any post/comment/opinion that it deems to be offensive or it deems is a violation of the Rules Of Engagement as posted herein.

This site shall not be held responsible for any harm, real or perceived, to any poster/commenter or to the family or estate of any poster/commenter as a result of any comment posted on this site by any other poster/commenter.

Collection of statistical, geographic or demographic information.

This site may collect statistical, geographic or demographic information and will be deemed the owner of such information and reserves the right to disseminate that information as the site may deem fit without offering or implying an offer of compensation, of any type whatsoever, to the poster/commenter.


This site does not encourage or support plagiarism. Any post/comment that includes a quote or excerpt of a document or written work MUST be cited by the poster, indicating the source material or it will be removed without notice.  However, a notion or opinion that is based on another’s work may be posted if such a post is worded in the words of the poster and does not include a direct quote or excerpt.

Example: You may express an opinion on the context of a poem but not post an excerpt or portion of the poem without citation.

No credit information is collected or required to post a comment/opinion on this site. With the exception of any future offer to feature products or services on this site, NO credit information, payment information or funds, or financial remuneration of any kind is required from you in order for you to be able to post a comment or opinion.

Posting rules continued: Please start a comment/opinion with your first name, last initial, and place (State or Province, Territory or City).

Example: Peter B. New York City.