Health care.

This topic will have specific implications for American and Canadian readers.

Health care is expensive. Providing Health care for individuals is expensive. Not providing health care is also expensive as those suffering illness are less productive, leading to reduced economic efficiency.

Companies that provide health care benefits are constantly trying to fine-tune benefits packages to be less costly. Health benefits are a constant sticky point during contract negotiations. Without those benefit packages, many employees may not be able to afford private coverage.

For those families attempting to pay for treatment for ill members, they can easily accumulate seemingly insurmountable amounts of debt. How does one choose between debt and the life of a loved one?

Illness also has a detrimental effect on society. An ill person may turn to criminal activity to raise funds for treatment. Law enforcement is paid for with taxes. So, you can say that lack of healthcare can lead to increased costs for enforcement. That may seem like a stretch but there is truth in that statement. 

Should you have to sell your house to pay for medical bills?

Are medical treatments just too damn high and who is profiting from this?

How can health care costs be lowered overall?

Should public coverage be limited to periodic preventative checkups and treatment of life-threatening illnesses?

Should certain covered treatments be labeled as elective? If so, which ones?