Innovation-Elon Musk.

Dear Elon.

Enough with the bright satellites already.

Don’t get me wrong, Elon Musk has done some wonderful things: Tesla cars have pretty much revolutionized driving, or are on the way there, and we can argue about who manufactured the first usable electric cars…not the point, Space X is almost making space flight for normal folks “affordable” and I sure there’s more innovation coming our way.

Now, I enjoy astronomy; stargazing in general. I was out looking at a few stars last year and noticed a very bright chain of lights in the northern sky. “Odd”, I thought but did not expect it to be a UFO. As it turns out, it was a chain of Musk’s new Internet satellites. I believe innovation is great but those damn things were too bright for comfort, and, more importantly, messed up the night sky.

So, Elon, if you are listening, invest in some black spray paint and deal with those things.

The sky belongs to everyone.

What are the next innovations?

Which innovations excite you and which concern you and why?