Taxing estates and inheritance.



Taxing Estates and Inheritances.


You work hard, very hard, each and every working day of your life to build a better future for yourself and your loved ones. You realize that, when you pass on, you can leave your estate to your family members (however your family may be structured).

Not everyone will be able to have an estate to leave.

Most governments are in a deficit situation.

Social activists are pushing for more support form Governments.

The government has to come from somewhere.

Many Politicians want to slowly introduce taxes on estates and inheritances. Those Politicians often use phrases , such as “share the wealth”, a dead giveaway of their true intentions. I believe this is an immoral act. I may never be wealthy but I have the right to leave my estate, unmolested by tax-hungry Politicians, to my offspring.

I have not added insurance benefits to this conversation but you can discuss taxing those as well.

Do you believe that inheritances should be taxed?