Tax subsidies for Corporations?


Tax subsidy for Corporations

If a large Corporation receives a tax subsidy (which the Corporation will claim will be used for job creation) and that Corporation then lays off employees in the name of “efficiency”, should that Corporation be forced to pay back subsidies?

If a Corporation receives subsidies and then raises executive compensation and bonus packages, are the tax payers essentially subsidizing executive salaries?

As many laid off individuals may not be able to find suitable employment for months, especially in a slump, should Corporations that are in a profit environment (not in a negative growth period but declaring positive growth and profit) be required to pay into a retraining program for laid off workers?

If a profitable Corporation receives a subsidy, lays off employees, and then increases executive compensation and shareholder dividends, are those increases not being paid for by taxpayers?

Should Governments subsidize Corporations? If so, under what conditions?