AI. Is technology or stupid humans the real danger?

The biggest (largest, most serious, most dangerous) problem with artificial intelligence is not the fear that AI will lead to human slavery, but the dimwits that do the programming.

If you program a machine to commit violence, it will do so. A toaster does not commit violence but program a fancy toaster to turn itself on at 2:00 am and burn beyond its highest human-adjustable setting, a fire will ensue. It wasn’t the toaster but the faulty programming.

Same goes for AI. It’s not the robot or technology but the programming that threatens our freedom. If a mechanism is used as a weapon, and programmed to do violence, it will do so. If that “Intelligent” mechanism is programmed to ignore basic human rights, it will do so.

Will weapons incorporate independent AI?

Fear the human behind AI, not AI itself.

Me, I use a manual toaster.